Michael G. Lehman





       Mobile App Development: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Windows Phone 7

       Integrated Development environments and programming tools

       Software Factories / Product Line Architecture

       Programming Language Compilers

       Graphical User Interfaces and user interface design

       Software Reuse and Frameworks

       Software Patents

       Visual Programming Languages

       Productivity Applications:  Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases

       Rich Media Applications (audio, video, music)

       Podcasting and audio/video production

       Audio data manipulation and processing

       Embedded Systems Design and Programming

       Operating System Design and Development

       Microcoded CPU Architecture and Implementation

       Microsoft Technology stack including .NET, Win32 and MSDOS

       Java technologies

       C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, Visual Basic, VB.Net, Pascal, PL/I, Fortran

       Inventor of 15 programming languages



Professional Summary:


Mr. Lehman's career has spanned and often shaped the past forty years of advanced computer technology innovation. His myriad inventions include the first hardware implementation of the UCSD P-machine, one of the first Integrated Development Environments, the first direct-to-binary Pascal compiler for PCs, the best-selling spreadsheets for Mac (Microsoft Works) and Amiga (MaxiPlan), and most recently the Microsoft Blueprints/Feature Builder Power Tools.  Utilizing the breadth and depth of his pioneering work in the software industry, Mr. Lehman built a creative portfolio ranging from his seminal work as one the first twelve podcasters worldwide (Mike’s Manic Minute) to sharing his accessible expertise in numerous articles and books including  “25 ThingZ iPhone developers need to know about the iPad,” “Making Songwriting Demos Easier,” and “Mastering Microsoft Feature Builder.” 


A member of IEEE and ACM, Mr. Lehman is a highly sought-after writer and speaker who contributes regularly to national and international publications and industry meetings and events, having recently addressed professional conferences in Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, Monterey, Vancouver, Brussels, Cologne, Barcelona and Cambridge. 

Employment History:


From:   Jan. 2011          DreamTimeStudioZ (startup)

To:       Present             Seattle, WA

            Title:                 Co-Founder/Managing Director


As Chief Consultant, designs and delivers solutions focused on software architecture, automated developer guidance, audio/music production, and innovative mobile apps.  Trusted curator of technology news combining a unique blend of historical and leading-edge perspectives.


       Shipped mobile apps for iOS with Android and Windows Phone 7 versions in-development.

       Enhanced Microsoft’s Feature Builder runtime to enable operation on Visual Phone Developer Express.

       Delivered commercial product/service offering based on Microsoft’s Feature Builder, enabling production of integrated guidance packages turbo-charging on-boarding of new technologies by developers.

       Upgraded and enhanced Macintosh OS X application including system-level scanning logic and migration from C++ Carbon-based UI to Objective C Cocoa-based UI.

       Created technology vision and implementation plan for a virtual animal experience based on augmented reality, 360-degree cameras, animatronics, 3D projections and real-time feeds from the wild.

       Built ProTools studio producing recordings for commercial clients and musical artists.

       Implemented custom software tools for Microsoft’s Healthcare Services Group utilizing automated developer guidance, pattern toolkit and data feed inference technologies.


From:   2004                 Microsoft Corporation

To:       2010                 Redmond, WA

            Title:                 Senior Architect


Developed products and created inspirational developer-focused content for front-line software development engineers.  Speaker: OOPSLA 2004, Vancouver, B.C.;  Software Industry Conference, Denver, Boston;  MIX '08, Las Vegas;  MTC, Copenhagen;  Architecture Summit, Chicago;  Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop, Monterey;  TechReady, Seattle;  Professional Developer's Conference, Los Angeles;  TechEd, Orlando, Barcelona;  Strategic Architecture Forum, San Francisco;  European Software Conference, Brussels, Cambridge, Cologne, Berlin.


       Invented Microsoft Blueprints/Feature Builder and led development team building Visual Studio enhancements for packaging and delivering guidance + frameworks + automation within the IDE.  Shipped to more than 50,000 developers worldwide.

       Built Blueprints for Developer and Platform Evangelism group enabling customer-facing custom “software factory” scenarios facilitating high performance development using WPF, Outlook extensibility, SQL Server, Silverlight, SharePoint, Windows Vista, and ASP.Net.

       Developed custom software factory composition technology facilitating dynamic aggregation and customization of process, tooling and asset delivery.

       Created and delivered interdisciplinary guidance for a world-wide audience of independent innovators – fledgling startups building dynamic desktop and web experiences.

       Delivered drag-and-drop automated guidance development technology tooling for Developer Guidance group building guidance for Windows Phone 7 developers.

       Initiated and produced audio podcasting for Microsoft’s groundbreaking developer portal: Channel9.


From:   2003                 Perfect Commerce, Inc.

To:       2004                 Palo Alto, CA

            Title:                 Senior Director of Engineering


Architected, and managed team delivering, 24x7 web-based cost-optimizing solutions for Fortune 500 purchasing managers.


       Led development team of 25 senior engineers, QA and operations personnel delivering distributed enterprise-scale ASP.Net-based SaaS applications.

       Designed and developed ASP SRM on-demand sourcing solution used by more than 50 of the Fortune 500.


From:   2001                 RitePage, Inc. (startup)

To:       2003                 Menlo Park, CA

            Title:                 Co-Founder/Vice President of Engineering


Responsible for design and implementation of email-based project management software.


   Created patentable multi-node data synchronization system for data exchange.

   Invented email relay scheme for transparent infrastructure augmentation of MIME messages.

   Implemented desktop and ASP.Net client and web-based administration console.

   Co-created custom auto-generated ORM layer.

   Deployed beta installations at multinational corporate locations.

   Spearheaded first round venture funding.






From:   1985                 MaxiSoft, Inc. (startup)

To:       1987                 Pebble Beach, CA

            Title:                 Founder/CEO/Architect

Designed, developed and marketed innovative software for Commodore Amiga computers.  Speaker:  AmigaWorld conference, New York, Chicago, San Jose, Baltimore;    World of Commodore, Toronto, Ontario;


   Shipped first commercial product for landmark computer system.

   Created award-winning business shrink-wrapped application MaxiPlan, a multi-dimensional spreadsheet with ground-breaking mouse adjustable charting system.  (Bundled with Amiga 500, 2000 and 3000 systems.)



From:   1984                 Intuitive Technologies

To:       2003                 Los Altos, CA

            Title:                 Founder/CEO/Principal Consultant

Responsibilities included delivering on-time, on-budget software solutions for worldwide Fortune 500 and startup customers.  Speaker: JavaOne, New York; NAMM, Nashville;  MacWorld Expo, San Francisco;  COMDEX, Las Vegas, Atlanta;  Educational Software Consortium, Austin;  Multimedia Museum, Washington, D.C.;  Private Industry Event, Sofia Antipolis, France;


       Created frameworks and developed custom ORM system for startup migrating from Java to .Net solution.

       Developed custom mail-relay system as co-founder of RITEPAGE, a startup augmenting email with project discipline.

       Created custom XML data import solution for CatalogCity.com (now part of Amazon) in early (2001) migration of catalog sales to e-commerce.

       Managed developers enhancing Internet networking switch software for Redbridge.

       Implemented performance measurement and improvement features for Netmosphere, on-line project scheduling software.

       Built custom XML-based file differencing and merge engine for Cisco.

       Designed distributed web-based B2B purchasing system for online advertising for SparkOnline.  Interviewed and participated in hiring development team.  Operated as Chief Architect for 30 person team.

       Managed implementation team for VoIP Internet PBX System Interfaces designed by Cooper Interaction Design.  On-time delivery of $1M+ project.



From:   1995

To:       1999


       Managed development of an XML-RPC data update process for netDialog.

       Created Java-based XML tools for web activity knowledge-base startup netDialog.

       Rewrote C++ Macintosh application for Windows in VB6: mPower, a multi-media authoring application for use by educators for Multimedia Design Corporation.

       Wrote low-level system code for part of McAfee Virus Scan.

       Designed and created an extended Java-based implementation (compiler and runtime) of the Visual Basic 5 language for PeopleSoft.

       Created application library code for Marimba, a startup spun out of Sun Microsystems in 1997.

       Added support for CD-ROM functionality to C++ Macintosh version of mPower for Multimedia Design Corporation.

       Enhanced statistical analysis software package for Macintosh for Los Altos Analytics, a financial analysis service provider.

       Created custom library and user interface code for Ogopogo Studios, a startup spun out of Paul Allen’s Interval Research.

       Built research prototypes for webcam-based game control for Paul Allen’s Interval Research think tank.

       Created expression evaluation library for Java applications (JEval) for commercial sale.

       Developed and shipped an implementation of the BASIC programming language for scripting Java applications similar to Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) called GreenTEA.

       Built Video-On-Demand (VOD) client software for use by Warner Cable customers as part of the Cosmo Media Base team at Silicon Graphics.

       Performed customer analysis, designed solution and hired/led team developing client/server (PC) mainframe-replacement application for McGraw-Hill Learning Systems used to score standardized tests taken by primary school students.  Project lasted two years and was done under contract to Microsoft Consulting Services.

       Performed performance analysis of direct-to-SQL Server drivers vs. ODBC for scientific analysis firm under contract to Microsoft Consulting Services.



From:   1990

To:       1994


       Ported Tandy VIS (set-top box) multimedia application to desktop Microsoft Windows (3.1): Learn To Play Guitar with licensed music from Sting (Message In A Bottle and Every Breath You Take).

       Ported Concertware, a Macintosh music composition application, from Mac OS to Windows (3.1) using Mac2Win library from Altura Software. For Jump! Software of Los Altos, CA.

       Ported Delta Graph, a Macintosh chart building application, from Mac OS to Windows NT using Mac2Win library.

       Ported multimedia authoring application for Macromedia from Mac OS to Windows (3.1) using Mac2Win library.

       Ported multimedia recording application from Macintosh to Windows (3.1) using Mac2Win library.

       Created Windows (3.1) version of multimedia CD-ROM application: A Million Laughs

       Worked with Roger Linn, creator of the electronic drum machine, on an upgrade for the Akai MPC 60, which became the Akai MPC-3000, frequently used by major hip-hop artists to “lay down their beats”.

       Built one of the first online/offline credit card data distribution systems for Intuit.  Involved dynamic download of transactions and sophisticated control of industrial high-speed floppy disk duplication hardware.

       Performed analysis and implemented code generation optimization for the Informix 4GL compiler.

       Created graphic and multimedia control libraries for Tenth Planet, publisher of educational titles for primary and secondary schools.

       Implemented, in C and 8086-assembly language, a playback engine for CD+G display on the Tandy VIS.  CD+G is embedded graphics on a CD-Audio drive typically used to display lyrics on Karaoke discs.

       Enhanced and developed drivers for Commodore’s end-user application development tools known as Amiga Vision.

       Invented one of the first MIDI-driven guitar learning systems and shipped it as a product on the Tandy VIS: Learn To Play Guitar with Sting.

       Developed interactive historical edutainment application for the Tandy VIS: Sail With Columbus in conjunction with the preeminent US Columbus expert, Dr. Eugene Lyon.

       Consulted with Tandy/Radio Shack on the design and development of their pioneering CD-ROM-based set-top box, the Tandy VIS which using the first ROM-based, embedded Windows implementation with special emphasis on video playback.

       Partnering with Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, built a CD-ROM-based game based on existing laser videodisc content known as “Many Roads To Murder” published by Commodore’s CDTV Publishing group.

       Built custom CD + Graphics (CD+G) software for Commodore International as part of the development team for CDTV, Commodore’s Amiga-based set top box.

       Created the CD Audio control software for Commodore’s CDTV.

       Implemented audio processing library in C++ for Borland International as part of their Media Library project.

       Developed user interface software for Time Warner Interactive Group (TWIG) Video-on-demand system.

       Invented and patented system for synchronizing lyrics with recorded music used to produce CD+G data streams for JVC-manufactured Karaoke discs.

       Ported Mac-based educational CD-ROM, How Computers Work to PC including an implementation of an interpreter for the LOGO language.

       Ported Mac-based CD-ROM containing an interactive hypertext version of the Bible to PC.

       Created CD+G Decoding software for PC-DOS including an implementation of CD+MIDI, a mechanism for driving external synthesizers in synchronous playback with CD-Audio.



From:   1985

To:       1989


       Designed and built a superset of Apple’s HyperCard multi-media authoring system for the Commodore Amiga called UltraCard (and later renamed Foundation).

       Consulted with Indiana Software (Indiana, PA) creating a local cable TV on-air advertising system driven by UltraCard.

       Created custom software utilizing multiple Transputers to perform geographic information analysis (GIS) for real estate data mapping.

       Implemented a custom, touch-screen front-end for the National Geographic laser videodisc about Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” for the Multimedia Museum, which opened in Washington, DC in 1989.

       Analyzed code structure and led 10 person development team for Symantec porting Q&A (a database/word processor with artificial intelligence) from PC-DOS to Macintosh

       Designed and built 3 shrink-wrapped products for the Commodore Amiga including the best-selling, award-winning spreadsheet, MaxiPlan.  Other products were MaxiComm, a terminal emulator and MaxiDesk, a collection of “popup” utilities.

       Implemented the spreadsheet portion of Microsoft Works for Macintosh.

       Created custom in-house analysis software for Apple Computer’s internal financial systems group.

       Created a package of Macintosh developer tools and sold 10,000 copies via mail order catalogs.

       Implemented a command-line replacement for the Macintosh called FastFinder.  Increased productivity for developers writing applications in C on the Macintosh itself.




From:   1981                 Digital Research, Inc. (DRI)

To:       1984                 Pacific Grove, CA

            Title:                 Director of Research and Development/VP Languages


Directed leading-edge microcomputer software research and product development.  Speaker:  CP/M 83, San Francisco, Boston; Software Expo, Vancouver, B.C.; National Computer Conference, Houston; Languages Group Summit, Austin;


       Collaborated with Gary Kildall on a desktop metaphor folder-based filing system for CP/M.

       Led team building custom versions of DR-C, CBASIC and DRI PL/I for IBM AIX.

       Participated in the conception and production of DR-DOS.

       Led R&D Group which oversaw the inception and prototyping of GEM and Portable Graphics Libraries.

       Wrote the Digital Research C compiler for CP/M-86 MS-DOS.

       Worked in partnership with Gary Kildall on DR-LOGO - a programming language for teaching programming.

       Created one of the first computer-music systems in conjunction with Roland (pre-MIDI) for software controlled synthesis.

       Wrote a version of CP/M in Pascal/MT+68k for the Motorola 68000 processor.


From:   1979                 MT MicroSYSTEMS (startup)

To:       1981                 La Jolla, CA

            Title:                 Founder/President/CEO


Developed, marketed and distributed shrink-wrapped tools for software development.  Keynote speaker: San Diego Computer Society annual conference.  Speaker:  National Computer Conference, Anaheim.


       Invented the first direct-to-object-code Pascal compiler for microcomputers, Pascal/MT+.

       Implemented one of the first Integrated Development Environments, the Pascal/MT+ Speed Programming Package (SPP) incorporating a syntax-checking text editor and compiler.

       Built an 8086 computer and implemented 86DOS (pre-cursor to MSDOS) for Pascal/MT+86 code generation testing.

       Created a version of Pascal/MT+86 for Intel RMX-86 operating system.

       Created Atari Pascal, under contract to Atari, including a compiler and P-code interpreter.

       Implemented a Pascal compiler for LSI-11 microcomputer.

       Implemented a Pascal compiler for the Motorola 68000.


From:   1974                 Lehman Consulting Services

To:       1989                 Ames, IA and San Diego, CA

            Title:                 Founder/Consultant


Provided hardware and software consulting services for micro, mini, and mainframe computers.


       Wrote a Z80 cross-assembler for IBM OS/360.

       Designed and built a S100 floppy disk controller board using FD1771 and custom designed data separator circuit.

       Worked on 8-inch floppy disk controller card for Apple II computers.

       Designed a multi-system, data concentrator array built on LSI-11 and PDP-11/05 mini computers.

       Designed a redundant, multi-system fail-over protected scheduling system for AT&T including an early graphical user interface.

       Created system prototypes using early silicon versions of MOS Technology 6502 processor.

       Wrote block-oriented operating system for digital tape deck for both 6502-based computers and 8080-computers.

       Built and sold custom inventory control programs for CP/M-80 based microcomputers.  (Sold through ComputerLand stores nationwide.)

       Created real-time operating system control program components for NCR data concentrator system used in point-of-sale (POS) systems by Montgomery Ward.




From:  1977                 NCR

To:       1978                 La Jolla, CA

            Title:                 Software Engineer


Developed prototype and production hardware and software systems for custom commercial minicomputers.


       Designed and built a UCSD Pascal P-machine emulator in hardware utilizing AMD 2901 bit-slice processors.  Designed system, built hardware (wire wrap), created microcode assembler and wrote P-machine microcode.  This machine was eventually productionized and used in hotel reservation systems in Asia by NCR.

       Created custom Remote Job Entry (RJE) system for NCR 721 Communications Concentrator which worked in conjunction with a custom prototype IBM Channel Controller system.

       Implemented high-level systems programming language (PL/605) for NCR 605 mini computer.

       Worked on design planning for the first paperless check clearing system in a joint venture between Bank of America and NCR known as BANCR.


From:   1973                 Compass Systems Inc.

To:       1975                 Ames, IA

            Title:                 Developer


Managed team of software developers building custom software applications for vertical wholesale distributors.


       Led team of 7 developers implementing a multi-user custom inventory control system for Qantel minicomputer.

       Built custom multi-user/multi-terminal operating system to support development of custom applications for Qantel minicomputer.


From:   1971                 Iowa State University

To:       1976                 Ames, IA

            Title:                 Developer


Developer of custom software solutions for minicomputers and mainframe systems.


       Developed custom software used in pioneering cell growth control experiments on PDP-12 minicomputer.  Software monitored and adjusted temperature, pH and light exposure.

       Designed and implemented custom operating system (HASP-11) for PDP-11/20 minicomputer including custom interface to IBM OS/360 mainframe.

       Created PDP-11 cross-assembler for IBM OS/360 (PAL-11/360) enabling researchers to create PDP-11 applications using mainframe resources.

       Wrote custom high-level compiler system (PL/S-11) for IBM OS/360 targeting PDP-11 minicomputers.

       Developed custom batch-based interface for APL compiler.

       Designed and built multi-board computer system based on Intel 4004 and 8008 microcomputer chips.

       Participated in construction of software development tools for SYMBOL system, a large custom computer built by Fairchild which included a compiler built into the hardware.

       Wrote multi-level static logic analysis program for TTL/RTL chip designs in conjunction with ALU development project.

       Built custom ALU using RTL and then TTL to implement custom computer arithmetic logic.

       Created implementation on PDP-8 of Conway’s “Game Of Life”.

       Wrote interpreter for PDP-8 simulating Olivetti Programma 101 programmable calculator.






            BS 1977                        Iowa State University

            Major in Computer Science, Minor in Electrical Engineering and History