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Units Converter now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace

The first app that students build while taking our Windows Phone SDK Essential Training course on is now available for free download on the Windows Phone Marketplace!

Windows Phone SDK Essential Training course now live on

Learn to build apps for Windows Phone by watching our latest course in the Online Training Library.

Discover how to build professional apps that encompass the 17 major feature areas of Windows Phone, from XAML to multimedia to network access.

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Windows Phone SDK Essential Training apps in Windows Phone Marketplace

As part of our Windows Phone course on, you will build 4 applications: Units Converter, Sonnets Plus, TakeANote and TweetMonitor.

We have released each of these as free apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

HearMarkZ 2.0 ships to app store

Our latest version of the ultimate audio bookmarking app, HearMarkZ, is in the final approval stages.

New features include the first Social Listening Network: Create and share your digital marginalia for audio books, podcasts and more.